Quantum Descension


“The metallic frame of the machine hangs weightlessly from the ceiling. 4 cables strung tight with tension secure the extremities of this skeleton to anchoring walls, as if restraining it from whatever task it is about to perform. The function of the Quantum Descension is unclear, but the discourse of its form holds the allure to whatever task it may perform.”
~excerpt from
‘The Spectacle of the Machine’, Ma Thesis~

The Quantum Descension is a machine which distributes precise quantities of an obscure liquid into a milled aluminium tray held within its form. The functionality of the machine however comes through its representation, dictated by its presentation as spectacle rather than any action it may perform. Shown here as a 5-part film, each cropped frame alludes to a greater sense of form and interconnectedness that The Quantum Descension possesses.