Gavin Jones creates hypnotic mechanical installations exploring the pleasures of functionality through the spectacle of the machine. His work questions the control that is proposed by technology, often juxtaposing a mechanical accuracy with uncontrolable organic materials.

His graduation project ‘The Surfactant Continuum (watch until the end)’ will be live streamed for this years virtual Dutch Design Week between the 17/10 -25/10/2020. As we adapt to the implications of living within a pandemic, our interactions have become increasingly mediated by images and how they control our gaze and attention. This work explores the structure of visual spectacle, juxtaposing a physical machine based in Eindhoven with its online representation.

The Surfactant Continuum will be live-streamed from Gavin’s living room as part of @live_from_the_livingroom, an initiative set up by Contextaul Design graduates in response to the COVID-19 regulations forcing DDW to take place online this year. #Stay Safe.

The machine can be veiwed at:    -www.thesurfactantcontinuum.online-

MA Contextual Design. Cum Laude. @DesignAcademyEindhoven
BA 3D Design and Craft. First Class hons. @Univeristy of Brighton

G20. Dutch Design Week. Online. 2020.
La Vilette Makerz. Festival 100%. Paris. 2019.


The Spectacle of the Machine. MA Thesis. -PDF: click to read-
A Prayer for the Digital Age. C Magazine. -PDF: click to read-

email: gavinmjones94@gmail.com